Kong Mop Mini Spinning Mop


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Save time and effort! With the Kong Mop Mini spinning mop cleaning the floor becomes piece of cake. The bucket comes with a built-in spinning system working with slight pressure. Dip the mop in the bucket, gently apply pressure on the spinner, release the pressure and the spinning system will start spinning, wringing the mop out in record time and leaving the right amount of water to clean the floor. 

The Kong Mop Mini spinning mop has been made of very absorbent and low density materials for best results. Thanks to its circular design, this mop reaches every corner on the floor, making it easy to clean. The bucket is compact and lightweight. It includes a bucket with a convenient handle which allows for easy transport.


  • Wring using light pressure, no foot pedal needed
  • Automatic rinsing, built-in spinning system inside the bucket
  • Bucket height: 28 cm
  • Bucket diameter: 28 cm
  • Collapsible stick: max. 122 cm, min. 100 cm
  • Includes: bucket, mop stick and 2 microfibre mop heads


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Kong Mop Mini Spinning Mop

Kong Mop Mini Spinning Mop

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