(BEAT)NIE Hat with Earphones


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Buy (BEAT)NIE Hat with Earphones at the best price. We all know that a lot of body heat is lost when we have our heads and ears uncovered when it's cold. In winter, we often insist on wearing a hat, earmuffs and earphones to listen to musik, but those who have tried it will know how uncomfortable this is! All these problems are over with the (BEAT)NIE hat with built-in earphones and microphone. You can comfortable wear the (BEAT)NIE hat while you listen to your favourite music or talk on the phone without uncovering your ears. In addition, the (BEAT)NIE hat is made of warm wool and it's so basic that you'll easily match it with other pieces of clothing so you can wear it every day. Don't give up on your style or your favourite music in winter thanks to the (BEAT)NIE hat with earphones. The (BEAT)NIE Hat is a great success everywhere!

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(BEAT)NIE Hat with Earphones

(BEAT)NIE Hat with Earphones

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