Cien Malos Golden Tequila


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Buy Cien Malos Golden Tequila at the best price. Tequila is a rotgut originating from the municipality of Tequila, in the state of Jalisco, in Mexico. It is elaborated from fermentation and distillation just as mescal, a juice extracted from American aloe, particularly called blue agave, with denomination of origin in five states of the Mexican Republic. Cien Malos Tequila is destilled following the traditional way in the town of Magdalena, in the region of Jalisco, using Blue Agave from their own harvest, guaranteeing its flavour and high quality. Alcoholic Drink 38% Vol. Content: 70cl. 

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Cien Malos Golden Tequila

Cien Malos Golden Tequila

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