Fitness Flexible Shaper


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Buy Fitness Flexible Shaper at the best price. The Fitness Bar to train your muscles is a light, portable training machine that tones up and shapes your body. The use of this sports accessory in your training will help you work your chest, arms, back and shoulders, including your biceps and triceps, obtaining surprising results. You can also train the inner thighs to help you have elegant, attractive legs. The muscle-building machine is made of resistant steel and anti-glid rubber handles which give you resistance throughout the whole movement. Its elegant, compact design makes it easy to transport to use it anywhere. Tone up your legs, buttocks, triceps, biceps, back and other muscles


  • 1 Exercise bar
  • Diet 
  • Instruction Manual
  • DVD with exercises 

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Fitness Flexible Shaper

Fitness Flexible Shaper

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