XXL Hose with Watering Gun 7.5 m


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The XXL hose with watering gun 7.5 m is an expandable hose that will help you have a tidier garden. The new watering XXL hose is the only hose that automatically expands when you open the water tap and thanks to water pressure it becomes longer and longer trebling its size. When you close the water tap it shrinks and becomes gradually smaller until it recovers its original size in a few seconds.
The XXL hose is a handy hose and it's easy to use and store. It takes up little space and is resistant against scratches and hits. In addition, it includes a watering gun  with multi-position nozzle that allows for 7 different ways of watering so you can use different levels of jet pressure, from the most powerful to the lightest.

With the XXL hose you will save time coiling up the hose after using it. You can take it anywhere thanks to its light weight.


  • Hose: 7.5 m / 25 ft. long (2.5 m unexpanded)
  • Interconnectable hoses : buy several hoses, interconnect them with each other and get the length you want
  • Multi-position watering gun
  • Nozzle: 2.5 cm of diameter
  • Available colour: Blue


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XXL Hose with Watering Gun 7.5 m

XXL Hose with Watering Gun 7.5 m

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