XXL Hose with Watering Gun 30 m


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Introducing the XXL hose 30 m, the expandable hose that will change your watering conception! This hose is expanded by the pressure of water trebling its size. It's perfect to keep your outdoor spaces tidy as it takes up very little space when not expanded. It's very easy to store. To store it's very simple: When you close the tap, this 30 m XXL hose will shrink until it recovers its original size as if by magic!

It's very user-friendly and light so you can easily move in the garden and it's made of materials which are resistant to rubbing and hits. In addition, its watering gun features 7 positions for different jet functions: watering, shower...


  • Hose with a length of 30 m | 100 feet (approx. 10 m when not expanded)
  • Multi-position watering gun
  • Nozzle diameter 2.5 cm
  • Connectable watering hose. You can buy several XXL hoses and connect them to get the length you need
  • Red colour


NOTE: Owing to a misprint, the packaging mentions 25 m, but the real length is 30 m (100’). The relevant correction will be made shortly.

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XXL Hose with Watering Gun 30 m

XXL Hose with Watering Gun 30 m

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