Sticky Clean Rollers Lint Roller


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Buy Sticky Clean Rollers Lint Roller at the best price. We present you a complete solution to be able to remove lint ant hair from clothes.This innovative Lint Roller is the perfect >accessory for pet lovers who want to keep their house clean. The Sticky Clean Rollers Lint Roller removes all sorts of lint from clothes, car upholstery, carpets and other surfaces. Hair, lint and crumbs can be easily removed from any fabric with the reusable Sticky Clean Rollers Lint Roller | As Seen on TV. You can use the Lint Roller to remove all the dirt produced by your pets. Just pass the roller and all the dirt will stick to it. In order to clean it, you just have to rinse it, dry and it'll be ready for the next use! 

The Lint Roller includes:

  • Lint remover for big surfaces (roller surface: 10cm)
  • Travel foldable roller (roller surface: 7.5cm)

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Sticky Clean Rollers Lint Roller

Sticky Clean Rollers Lint Roller

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