Plastic Container Set (20 Pieces)


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Buy Plastic Container Set (20 pieces) at the best price. This plastic container set contains 20 pieces. The plastic container set includes 4 different sizes for countless possible combinations. Just combine two parts to make a plastic container. Don't worry about the contents! You'll always have the right cover! Each piece can be used as an upper or a lower part so that you always have the height that you need. These plastic containers feature a closing system that preserves the flavour of your food. With this smart storage system you'll always have space to store more!


  • Transparent colour
  • Suitable for microwaves, dishwasher and freezer

This set includes 20 pieces:

  • 20 small plastic containers
  • 10 medium plastic containers
  • 8 large plastic containers
  • 2 extra-large plastic containers

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Plastic Container Set (20 Pieces)

Plastic Container Set (20 Pieces)

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