Warm Hug Feet Microwavable Slippers


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Buy Warm Hug Feet microwavable slippers at the best price. With the Warm Hug Feet microwavable slippers you won't be cold at home anymore. These microwavable slippers are the most comfortable and cosy slippers on the market. They have a heat storage system that provides your feet with comfort and relief. These microwavable slippers alleviate foot pain and fatigue so you feel relaxed. In addition, they have a zip to remove the seed bags easily and comfortably. Simply remove these bags, heat them for 90 seconds in the microwave and replace them in the slippers, which will stay warm for approx. 90 minutes. These slippers are the best complement for cold winters. They're made of high-quality fabric and have a non-slip sole. They are washable. One size fits all: 36-45. Elastic fabric.


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Warm Hug Feet Microwavable Slippers

Warm Hug Feet Microwavable Slippers

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